EST. 2012

Endangered Peace, Inc. was founded by filmmaker Raphael Nash as a means to support people’s video needs, and to create a space for original film projects.  Incorporated in 2012, we are a full-service film & video production company based in Chicago.  Our goal is to create & maintain the most enjoyable experience while doing what we love the most – making films.  While we work as a service, we also fund and produce our own award-winning original films.  Keeping this machine going, are two moving parts –

Media House, is our video production team that works for hire.  We’ve assisted a wide range of clients – from Ad Agencies to Educational Institutions. Here we work with clients to strategize, develop and produce corporate videos, event promotions, documentaries, and more.  We understand the demand for quality video – especially for research, social media marketing, and corporate exhibition.  See our work here.

independent3EP Independent, is our indy film production team.  We fund, write, direct, and produce original films for public distribution.  We make original short films, documentaries & experimental projects.  See some of our recent projects here.