Coming Soon: “Laces” (Kickstarter Campaign underway)

November 26, 2014

This film is the product of a mentor / mentee relationship forged over 5 years ago through the Digital Youth Network. Back then, the film’s writer and director, Terrence Thompson, was a high school student with strong interests in Filmmaking, and the film’s producer, (our own) Raphael Nash, worked as his teacher and mentor. Before leaving to attend the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana to pursue a degree in Media & Cinema, Terrence wrote a script based on some of his own experiences as a teen in Chicago. With Raphael’s help, the script became “Laces”. With Terrence now being a senior at the University of Illinois, and Raphael a professor at DePaul University, they are again working to finish what was started some years back.

Total Running Time: 15 mins.

“Laces” explores the complexities of black youth identity with regard to consumerism. It follows Mike, an African-American teen from the more euro-centric north suburbs of Chicago, as he relocates to a more densely-populated African-American neighborhood. His new surroundings differ culturally, so he struggles to fit in socially. After weeks of being teased for the way he speaks and dresses, he concocts a plan to attain the highly coveted “Laces” sneakers as a means for fitting in. Although his plan seems to be warranted, it is heavily flawed and dangerous – costing him more that what he bargained for.

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